The Pub



“The Pub” is a play that asks the questions “Why are we here?” and “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” Those two questions are the main reason I write poetry.
The play has now been published and is available from me for $15 including shipping or you can find it on the CanamBooks store at the link below:

The protagonist, Paul Satin, finds himself inside a pub, doesn’t know how he got there and can’t seem to leave. He meets and converses with other characters who are a mixture of royalty, psychology, science, philosophy, occultist, disabled and religious. Questions and arguments abound, blended with humour and love.

Cover art by Richard Mongiat


Reviews of the Pub:

The Minerva Reader by Liza de Nikolits

Saku Mantere (Facebook Page)         SakuMantere

Chapbooks and CDs

Chapbooks are now out of print. Thank you for your patronage and I hope you enjoyed them. However, there will be full collections published in the near future.

The CD’s are still available and they are “FREE”. Send me an e-mail (see contact page) and I’ll make arrangements to get one to you.





Published: December 15, 2009              (cover art by Georgio Patrizio)



Published: December 15, 2009            (cover art by Annie Mongiat)


Published: December 15, 2009        (cover art by Richard Mongiat)
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A Sleight of Hand

Published: December 15, 2009       (cover art by Richard Mongiat)

You Don’t Have A Soul . . . You Are A Soul

Published: December 15, 2009          (cover art by Richard Mongiat)


A Collection Of One

Published: December 15, 2009        (cover art by Richard Mongiat)

Compact Disks


“Pass The Mustard” poems by Norman Cristofoli

Produced and Recorded by Mitchel Girio.  Musical contributions by: Michael Alaggia, Matty Cooper, J. Ocean Dennie, Sam Cino, Simon Schumph, Lynn Kastner, Heather Knechtel, Gerry LeBlanc, Sean Hollis, Davidson Yeager, Tom Lillington, Stephen Lee Hunt

Every so often, one of my friends hears a poem and then says, “Can I write some music to that.” This CD includes “Then and Now” with rocking guitar by Michael Alaggia and harmonica by Matty Cooper; “You” with the incredible percussion of Sam Cino; “Glass Blizzard” with Heather Knechtel’s operatic voicing; “Harvest Moon” with ethereal background by Michael Alaggia and Lynn Kastner; and more.


Like A Diamond In The Sky

This CD is FREE for the asking.

This CD was produced by Mitchel Giro. It was based on the “Labour Of Love” literary magazine that I produced between 1991 and 2016. I used to do issue release parties and the poets appearing in each issue would perform their work and musicians came to join the celebrations.

It includes the first poetic recordings by the late, great Nik Beat; the now host of the Howl radio show Valentino Assenza; some rare work by Rob DiMarco; the last recording by my late friend Larry Stanley; the first recording by my friend Moesch; excellent songs by the now defunct bands Soulmouth and Walk Left Stand Right; amazing poetry/musical collaborations by Kevin Sutton; and many more poetry/musical art.

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