Under development…

e-books are in development

I am preparing books that cover the three decades of my work and one of the play that has been recently completed. If you want more information, please Contact me at:  norman.cristofoli@gmail.com



Paintings – 1983 to 1993

Published: xxxxxxxxxx, xxxx            (cover photography by xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Stay tuned for the description.


The Scarecrow Years – 1994 to 2004

Published: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              (cover art by Georgio Patrizio)

Description to come.


Pagan Heart – 2005 to 2015

Published: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            (cover art by Annie Mongiat)

Works leading up to the near present.


The Pub

Published: Sometime, 2017        (cover art by Richard Mongiat)

A play about what life is all about. Who really knows, I don’t. I’ve spent years of thinking about it, researching philosophy, religion, extremism, silence and ignorance. I still haven’t figured it out. I think the best description I ever heard was in a Van Morrison song “It just is, that’s all.”